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Friday, May 20, 2011

WE Look At The Infinity M35 Hybrid

Last year Nissan Announced that it was entering the Luxury Hybrid field. Yesterday at the monthly Greater Atlanta Automobile Media Association lunch hosted by Infinity, we actually got to put our hands and butts into the new Infinity M35h. No drive yet as this was prototype that more than likely it is being used for testing and certification. So here is what we got, the M35h has a total of 360 horsepower, the luxury performance enthusiast can lower their carbon footprint with out giving up a thing. The bid deal is in how it goes about being a Hybrid. The M35h Infinity may spend more time in pure electric mode due to the way Nissan has arranged the relationship of the 3.5 liter gas engine and the electric motor.  The 7 speed automatic transmission, is connected to the gas engine and the electric motor via unique 2 clutch 1 motor drivetrain. This arrangement eliminates the traditional connection between the engine and transmission the hydraulic torque converter. What all this amounts to is that the car works as an electric in low speed driving and the gas engine will only function as a generator to charge the batteries when needed. But if you need all 360 horses they are there instantly. Infinity states that the car will operate in full electric mode up to 60 mph. From my past experience with Hibrids and Electrics, the longer you can drive in electric mode the more fuel you can save.  We will save further opinions until we actually get behind the wheel. Thanks to Steve Parrett from Nissan for affording us this opportunity.

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