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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Capitol Punishment A Situation Comedy

Capitol Punishment
Created by
Robert Sarda & Miguel Caparros
We are looking for Producers or Interested Production Company
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A situation comedy for television

The Premise

4 congressional members are convicted of fraud, bribery, misappropriation of public funds, tampering with votes, conduct unbecoming a Congressman and theft. Judge Randolph Burnhardt the III, has received a request and will be fully supported by the President and the Attorney General to be creative and humiliating in his sentence, that there will not be any wiggling out by serving time at a Federal country club prison or resigning. They will complete their elected term in their monitored incarceration. The point is to send the message to all government officials that there are tough enforcement's from now on. All government employees will be scrutinized

Judge “Burnhardt the third” is imposing some tough love. Since the fraud was diverting money destined for the poor to their own pockets. The Judge has ordered seizure of all property, monies, and all personal automobiles, bank accounts and credit cards. They will begin by maintaining their Congressional jobs but working and living off minimum wage.  You heard right they will be the poor congressmen and women. Additionally they must work 1 day each week at a minimum wage job unrelated to their skills.  Office cleaner, bicycle messenger, pizza or restaurant kitchen help, these are the jobs they may accept.  

In the federal inventory are some very rundown buildings that have been seized. All of them are 4 floor walk ups with questionable water, electricity services and toilets that may or may not flush.

Character Development

Virginia Lee Cheney Early 40’s in age, the Junior Senator from Nebraska. A Hardline Republican with strong Tea Party leanings.  Born in Virginia to the manor and wealth from Tabaco and coal she used her vast wealth to become an important citizen of Nebraska. After 2 years of greasing the right palms, and with virtually unlimited money, she deposed a Senior Democrat with a relentless smear campaign character assignation including a made up homosexual affair with fabricated photos and video of the senator trolling schools for young boys.  In her opinion, the world is here to serve her. Her staff with her direction, connections and coercions was the architect of the diverting of the millions from the charities to her and her cohorts pockets.

Mohammed Akheim Jones 50+ years old (developed specifically for JJ Walker or like character).

A Congressman from the state of Illinois, he grew up in the ghettos of Chicago. While doing a 10 year stretch for armed robbery and pistol whipping the guard, he went to law school while in the slammer. The only reason he went to law school was to beat his conviction.  As he puts it, "If Claus von Bulow can beat the rap for murdering his wife; I should be able to beat my own conviction." He was able to get a retrial and since several of the key witnesses refused to testify, Mohammed Jones walked out of Jolliet State Prison a free man and his conviction was overturned. He used the proceeds from the bank job to run for Congress. Seems he learned in prison where the real thieves in this country are. Apparently learning to steal like a congressman was not taught at Jolliet. He was caught putting votes in the Ballot box from elderly voters that “could not make their way to the voting booths”.

William Robert Poteet 28 years old. Congressman (R) from the State of Georgia.

From Valdosta Georgia, an agricultural area known for its Onions, High School educated, and backed by the Tea Party. Tall and thin, he carries a gun, a Bible, King James Version and a copy of the Constitution. Dresses like a typical used car salesman from the 60’s with plaid polyester jacket and pants that do not match. His Bible is hollowed out for his 9mm Berretta. Not the smartest man but able to sway the rural vote with his old time skit that plays to the ultra-conservative that do not live in Atlanta. He calls the Mayor of Atlanta a white man in a Black suit.
Chosen by Virginia Lee Chaney as a way to “sell the goods” to the country Bible belt folk who are charitable and not interested in paper work or where the money is really going. They know that the “Minister” Congressman ( he is not, just called that by his constituents) will get it to where it will do the most good. Billy Bob can easily be swayed by the thoughts of a big pay day. He offered his services to Senator Cheney as a runner. The “pick up man” as he put it ", I didn't break no laws picking up the money drops. This is bogus. I was set up!"  Billy Bob does not have a clue as to how the law works, and yet he quotes the Constitution all the time.

Guillermo (Jerry) Gonzalez de La Hoya.  38 years old, (D) Senator California. 

He is a western blue blood, descendant of the Mexican/Spanish aristocracy, of old money, a Spanish silver Baron. Maintains his Senate office on his 150 foot yacht “The Libertad”
Jerry was arrested for smuggling cocaine from Mexico on his election tour bus. Swears he was set up by his brother-in-law, who, according to the senator, is having an affair with his wife and they are trying to get him out of the way and get his money. A Harvard law school grad. Facing 20 years for trafficking, he readily takes the Judge up on the offer to repent in this half way house for the ruling class. He is classically handsome and very fit. He always look fresh even after a full day at the pizzeria his shirt and pants are not stained and the creases are perfect all the time.

Deputy Lee Roy Brown.  30 years old, 6'8''/375 going to night school to become a lawyer. 

He is the 9 to 5 enforcer of rules and ensures that the inmates are not cheating with money and acquiring things they cannot afford on minimum wage. Anything found by the deputy is confiscated and is allowed to take it home and do what he sees fit with it.

Julio Rivera Building Superintendent.  Born in the Bronx NY in 1957.

His father was the Super before Julio inherited the job when his father died. Julio is medium height stocky man who is constantly visited by the ghost of his father. Julio continues his conversations with his father even when others are present. He will constantly be reminding the tenants that they are behind on their rent. He grudgingly comes to attempt to fix things

The building is a left over property that was seized by the Feds. All the tenant characters in the building are damaged; physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. We will disclosed and continue to develop more of these characters for the production of the program.
The apartment is in the top floor of a walk up that has somehow avoided gentrification in Washington DC. Two of the top floor apartments have been combined as a way to provide a central living and working areas for the Congressmen and woman alongside the Senators, this will also permit the Deputy Brown to keep an eye on them and offer interaction opportunities. The Common area of the apartment is where the Lobbyists and constituents can interact with their representatives.


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