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Friday, May 4, 2012

Ferrari 365 GTB (Daytona)

Story, Video, and Photos By Miguel Caparros

One of the true automotive icons. The Daytona enjoyed a long tun being in production from 1968 to 1976. A true Super Car, even by today's standards, the 365 GTB/4 is a car that can be driven comfortably. The car designation from Ferrari was the 365 GTB/4 or GTS/4. The Daytona name apparently was atthached by the press in celebration of Ferrari's 1,2,3 victory at the 24 hrs of Daytona in 1966. A total of 1,284 of this incredible car were produced, Of that number only 122 GTS (Spider) were produced, the first 25 actually started life as Spiders, the rest of the were converted from coupes.

The US cars were slightly de-tuned with lower compression and a more restricted and quieter exhaust. That did not slow the cars much as they still were able to do 0-60 in around 5 seconds and hit a top speed of 170 mph. I can tell you from experience that very few of the U.S. cars stayed in the de-tuned state for long. The Ferrari 4.4 liter (268 CID) V12 was delivered with 347 HP. The Lampardi designed engine was nearing the end of its life, but it had been in production so long and powered so many race winning cars that tuning to 400 HP was easy, all it took was money. For those that wanted the ultimate rush, 450 horsepower was available. If of you thought breaking 200 MPH in a production 1960's car was unlikely, the slippery shape and a 450 hp Daytona could do it with ease.

There is no question that the 365 GTB/4 and GTS/4 are already in the extremely rare and a pricey category. Prices on these cars are in the clouds and have been so for a long time. A GTS/4 we owned in the late 70's sold in the late 80's at auction for 6 million, yes it was one of the 25. Unlike the similar Maserati Ghibli that is still affordable the Daytona sets the standard as the most Collectible car of the 70'S.

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