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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Carroll Shelby Crosses Life's Finish Line

Remembrances and Photo by Miguel Caparros
A mentor, a friend, passed on yesterday. I first met Carroll Shelby, when I was too young to know, I was 6. I was with my Father at the 1957 Nassau Speed Week, I was introduced to many of his friends including Carroll Shelby. At the April of 1965 New York International Auto Show I saw Carroll Shelby again. He had a small space where he was displaying the new Shelby GT350, a Cobra, a Sunbeam Tiger and a Ford GT40. I was 14, he said he remembered me and wondered if I was going to follow my fathers footsteps in racing. In spite of the demands on him, he took the time to walk me through and explain all the cars to me. As I was leaving he gave me a poster of the GT350 that was a reprint of an ad that ran in Competition Press and Autoweek. I still have the poster. He shaped mine and my families life, he goes across life's finish line with yet another first. He is the longest living heart transplant survivor, by a mile. May we learn from all the giving you have done of yourself Carroll Shelby.

About the photo. I have owned a GT350 and drove countless other Shelby cars over the years, the Dodge Shelby Turbo we bought it new, we still have it. All the children learned to drive in this car. We even have a daughter named Shelby. We miss you already Carroll.

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  1. Miguel,

    Great story you shared with us.

    Even though he is gone now, his legacy and the lives he touched will last forever.

    I am proud to own a replica of what he created to help establish Ford motor company as a force to be reckoned with in racing's most prestigious events. We are all fortunate to have experienced what he brought to the world for all to enjoy.

    Hopefully Shelby American will continue to grow and produce fantastic cars that set the bar for others to try and reach.

    He will be missed.

    Paul Cox
    1965 Backdraft Ford Cobra replica owner